Shutter Island urbex - centre psychiatrique abandonné

A well-known place in the Urbex community, “Shuter Island” is not a single building but in reality 2 isolated pavilions within a psychiatric estate in Belgium built around 1930 and spread over nearly 15 hectares. These two pavilions (or one of them at least) were perhaps used for the psychiatric care of children. In the 1970s after a change in policy (voluntary admissions being favored over forced admissions), attendance at psychiatric centers fell and it is probably in this context that these two pavilions were abandoned, around the 1990s.

The ground floors are filled with brols and furniture. But many rooms, particularly on the upper floors, remain intact with beds, classrooms, various furniture, wheelchairs... There is really something here to attract all fans of ghosts and haunted places, not to mention improvised interior decorators with sordid tastes: decapitated dolls here, fake blood smeared there, inverted religious crosses on the walls. Yes, in a way we are not far from a “Conjuring” film set. Even if the authenticity of the place is somewhat distorted, the atmosphere when visiting it is unique. The exterior architecture is also very aesthetic. A place that has something to make our imagination work.

ℹ️ Etat actuel: abandon

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