Chateau Fauconnier - château 85 - urbex manoir Belgique abandonné

This abandoned mansion looked rather promising. However, once you're there, you can't help but deplore the extent of the damage. There has been a lot of foot traffic in a short space of time and the interior is badly damaged, with walls tagged and windows broken. Also, the architecture of the façade, with its singular tower in particular, makes the outside more interesting to photograph than the inside. Little information can be found about the history of the place. Interesting aspects include a mysterious well and a wide-open chest in the cellar. Outside there is also a small shed. The fact that we explored the site in rainy and windy conditions made for a captivating experience, adding a truly dark and eerie atmosphere. The site has now been razed to the ground.

ℹ️  Current state: endangered

General condition

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