It seems that time has stopped in this small farmhouse lost in the Belgian countryside. The furniture, clothes and personal belongings of the former owner are still in place, arranged with an almost disturbing meticulousness. Legend has it that Mr. Boon, the former owner, loved his wife so much that he kept her dead body in the freezer. After his death, a power cut would have released strange smells in the neighborhood, alerting the authorities who eventually made the macabre discovery. Though, the absence of vandalism and the good preservation of this place make its exploration very pleasant and rich in small discoveries.

ℹ️ Current state: abandoned

General condition

© Photos by Urbex Vision

3 Replies to “MAISON BOON 🇧🇪”

  1. me presante jai 57ans et je trouve cette ferme tres belles et magnifique.jaimeres te demander si tu accepteres de me communiquer l’adresse au se trouve cette ferme car jaimers prendre quel que photo si tu et eventuelement d’accord de me communiquer son adresse .je ne suis pas comme certaine personne qui on visiter des batiment abandonner et qui les abume au fond du vendalisme je trouve deja cela inadmicible .jespere avoir une reponse de votre part et vous remercie d’avance pour votre reponse bien a vous

  2. comme raoul, je suis un passionne d endroit abandonnees , regorgeant d histoire et de belles trouvailles. jamais delabré nefus qu une branche d arbres…
    serait il possible d avoir l adresse svp ? merci a vous

  3. glad that i still have pics of this place when it was still abandoned
    i tried to go back but everything is taken away and there were workman and security cameras

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