This small farm in the heart of a small village is intriguing to say the least. Its history dates back to the mid-18th century, when it was built. "Ferme Jonet" of its real name, the buildings were adapted in the 19th and 20th centuries by a buyer who would have installed his foundry workshops in the outbuildings (Fonderie Colsoul). The activity stopped in 1959 when the owner died. More recently, it seems that the local tourist office had its headquarters in this place. Several invoices on the ground testify to this. We suppose (without certainty) that a part of the building, newer, could have been renovated to serve as premises for this activity of tourist office, even to host events, receptions.

The old farm is in the inventory of Walloon cultural property heritage. The official entrance to the site is through a gate giving access to a first paved courtyard covered with vegetation. Opposite her, the residential house. Inside, it looks like a dwelling made for dwarves: the ceilings and doors are damn low. To the right facing the house, opening onto a second courtyard, are the outbuildings, barn and old stables. Some elements such as a plow testify to the past of the place.

Today, the old farmhouse is under construction. A real estate project aims to create 12 dwellings on the land of nearly 33 ares, by heavily renovating the existing farm buildings. Only the outbuildings which housed the foundry workshops will be demolished to make way for new construction.

ℹ️ Current state: renovation process

General condition

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