This friendly little blue plane lost in the forest appears to be the remains of a tragic crash. However, this is not the case. If we look more closely, the layout of the plane, with its wings neatly detached on either side of the fuselage, show that it is clearly a set-up. Otherwise, the wings would have been torn off by the trees along its path, and the plane would have left a trail behind it when it crashed.

This plane is, on the contrary, a film set, which the film crew left in the woods for an unknown reason. For those interested, the film is a 2017 short film called “Maverick”. The trailer link can be found here:

Since then, the American plane has gone from screen star to urbex network star in no time. Following too large an influx of curious people into this wood, the town decided to remove the plane permanently in 2022. However, it will keep its radiant smile through our photos.

ℹ️  Current state: removed

General condition

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