The sanatorium of Havré near Mons was built in 1957. Very modern at the time, it originally had room for 144 beds and a large terrace on the top floor. In 1977, the site was converted into a geriatric hospital. The care home for the elderly eventually closed its doors around 2010-2011 while a new larger space, the « Résidence du Bois d’Havré », was built next door. The old sanatorium was left abandoned for a few years, before being sanitized and demolished in August 2015, leaving room for a new future building.

Theses photos were mainly taken during a location scouting for a shoot that eventually turned elsewhere. Some pictures are not mine. The interesting elements of the site can be seen here: its general architecture and its long corridors, the morgue, the theater (totally consumed by a fire), the many wheelchairs and accessories still present on site, some worrying syringes, the terrace on the roofs… Pretty much interesting for an abandoned place!

ℹ️ Current state: demolished

General condition

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  1. Bonjour,

    Je recherche du personnel qui a travaillé au Sanatorium d’Havré en 1963 et plus précisément de juillet à fin décembre 1963.

    D’avance, je vous remercie pour l’attention portée à mon mail et pour votre réponse.

    Delneste M.P.

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