Swimming-pool "S", "dramatic" or "Mosq"… those are the nicknames given to this establishment of industrial architecture built in 1937. The building was used as a swimming pool, a theater, a casino, a store and a restaurant. Located in a rather animated urban area, the swimming pool was initially intended for the staff of a big industrial company of the region, and afterward opened its doors to the public, welcoming many students and sports clubs of the region before its closure in 1998.

Not able to gather the necessary funds to maintain the building, the owners closed the swimming pool, then the theater on the first floor in 2004. A Muslim community took the place in 2005 in order to convert it into a mosque. Unfortunately, as time passes by as well as decay and waste accumulates more and more, it seems that the future of this former swimming pool is today uncertain …

ℹ️ Current state: abandoned

General condition
© Photos by Urbex Vision

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