This site was the headquarters and included warehouses of a former Walloon civil engineering company which went bankrupt in 2004. Its activities started in 1948 but its missions remain quite unclear: it is known that its services included various construction sites and infrastructures installations. Some sources mention the construction of viaducts, bridges, roads or storm basins; others cite heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The majority of the material (joists, logs, technical equipment and various vehicles such as cranes, bulls, roller-compressors, etc.) was put up for sale in November-December 2004. Today, there only remains empty warehouses and empty rooms. Well located next to important access roads, the site is nevertheless abandoned and squatted everyday by homeless people. In spite of this sad state and the danger of a palpable presence, the pretty rays of sunshine through the roof of the warehouse were a fine compensation.

ℹ️ Demolished in 2018-2019

General condition
© Photos by Urbex Vision

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    1. Indeed, there was something nice about this place, but it was also very dirty in the end. Now, there is a Decathlon shopping mall on this site.

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