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I explore with a friend an old coal mine in Wallonia. We know very little about the history of this site, despite some research. The articles already do not agree on the year of the end of coal mining activity: 1965 according to one source, 1971 according to another, or even 1969, who says better?

In addition to the mine shaft clearly identified by a slab and the slag heap now covered with vegetation, there are a few dilapidated buildings that still stand. Their nature is unknown, perhaps old workshops or changing rooms? On site today, we find a whole range of carcasses of old vehicles, mainly Fords. The place would have served as a repair and storage workshop, but again I cannot find any official trace such as a company name or an operating address registered with the CBE.

The place is, however, interesting to photograph. Especially for its vehicles, less for the architecture which is not much special. However, there are still some traces of mining activity here and there but ultimately this is not what attracts attention. While we think we have seen everything on the ground floor, we realize in the dark cellar that another series of vehicles awaits us, piled up against each other. Although the place is very trashed, it is surprising that it is not more trashed and tagged than it is. If you have fun looking, there are still ways to take very beautiful photos here. Once the interior has been explored, we end our visit with the exterior where other carcasses and trucks are scattered. These have rusted a lot over time and foliage has covered them. A great discovery in the end.

Regarding the future of the place, developers want to turn it into housing but the neighborhood is opposed to the project. The site is also highly polluted by hydrocarbons, lead, nickel, zinc, copper, sometimes at depth, sometimes in the surface layers, and even mercury. Enough to increase the bill for decontamination and make the file drag on until everyone agrees. I don’t envy the guy who manages this file!

ℹ️  Current state: abandoned

General condition

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